Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GOP tax cutters are like snake oil salesmen at a medicine show.

Just cut taxes and we'll defeat the terrorists and cure ebola, at least that is what the followers of Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI and Governor Sam Brownback, R-KS would like us to believe.

Governor Brownback has taken Kansas for a very bumpy fiscal ride downhill, it just hasn't worked. Period, No question!  The very Republican state of Kansas has so many statewide GOP elected and former officials coming out for Democrats on the ballot this year.  Right now it looks like a "local wave" for the ouster of Republicans and the election of Democrats unheard of since the great depression of the 1930's.  Read the Brownback "crazy experiments"

Respected fiscal analysts are proving one myth after another of the "cut taxes" gang wrong.  The story has been small business is the creators of jobs.  No, job creators are the new startups businesses.  Another myth cutting taxes moves down and helps the middle class and low income workers. "Trickle down" economics, just makes the top income earners keep more money to hide in overseas bank accounts.

What Congressman Ryan needs to do js get through this one more election with the Republicans in control of the House allowing Speaker Boehner and his Tea Party wing of the party another two years fighting President Obama at every turn and holding back the improving economy.

Want some really enlightening discussion on tax cuts?
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